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Application Procedures

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1. Campus Visits

You are welcome and encouraged to visit our Nakatsu campus and meet with the Osaka YMCA International School (OYIS) staff. We are eager to meet you, and we are happy to address any of your concerns and educational needs.

Please call (0)6 6345-1661 to arrange an appointment.

2. Documents Required for Admission

The application procedure begins with the submission of all of the following documents:

*Regular School Program Application

*Parent Questionnaire

*Health History

*Confidential Letter of Recommendation completed by the homeroom teacher of an elementary school student. The recommendation should refer to the student's motivation, attendance, disciplinary record, relationships with peers and teachers, social maturity, and involvement in gifted or remedial programs. It should also refer to the student's current reading and math levels. The letter should be sent directly to the school by the evaluator.

NOTE: Before September 1st of the entering year, all applicants for Kindergarten must be at least four years old to apply for the school, grade one six years old, etc. Preschool candidates may apply to enter the school when the child turns 3 years of age.

3. Resident Applicants

When the above documents have been received, a personal interview will be scheduled with the applicant and at least one parent. We require all applicants for elementary school to complete an English language assessment and attend a full school observation day evaluation. For Preschool and Kindergarten, a half-day observation is required. After considering the information obtained through the documents, tests, and interview, we will inform you of our decision to accept, decline, or defer.

4. Non-resident Applicants:

We recognize that applicants living outside Japan may not be able to schedule a personal interview at OYIS until their families move to the Osaka area. We also understand that the decision to locate a family in Osaka is often based on the assurance that there will be space available in a desirable school. In recognition of this situation, OYIS will accept non-resident students on the basis of an analysis of the documents listed above. Applicants will be informed of the school's decision.

5. Application outcomes:


The student is accepted for admission to OYIS, following successful completion of a three month probationary period. An interview, English language proficiency test (Elementary) and Observation Period will be required prior to actual enrolment for orientation, course placement, and discussion of any special circumstances.


Notification will be sent to parents.


A place will be temporarily reserved for the student pending a required interview. This category is used when, in the judgment of admissions personnel, a fair and accurate decision on the qualifications of the applicant cannot be reached without an interview. It is in the best interests of both the student and the school that there be a reasonable match between the student's abilities and the school's capabilities. Parents of students in this category, and their local representative contact, will be advised of the circumstances.

6. Non-Native English Speaking Applicants for Preschool and Kindergarten.

Among non English speaking native applicants, preference will be given to the following applicants: Those who

  • Have dual or multiple nationalities
  • Have lived in English speaking countries
  • Are able to communicate in English
  • Have parents able to communicate in English
  • Want to go on to the OYIS Elementary School

NOTE: Japanese students with Japanese citizenship may apply only to the Preschool and Kindergarten Programs. However, exceptions may be made for Japanese students and "returnees" who wish to apply for the elementary school if they first consult with their local Board of Education.

7. Non-Native English Speaking Applicants

English ability will be evaluated through a test and interview, and the applicant may be required to take ESL programs, which may include summer school. Exceptions may be made in cases where ongoing use of English, both at home and at school, has demonstrably prepared an applicant for the English-language environment of OYIS. If the applicant comes from an English-speaking household environment -- wherein English is the primary language used by family members -- this will be taken into consideration.