Middle School Programme

Middle School Programme

The OYIS Middle School Programme (MSP) consists of grades 7-9. The goal of this programme is to provide a holistic educational program which allows students to develop their academic and social skills in a inquiry based, collaborative environment. 

The concept-based learning of the MSP promotes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their classroom studies and the real world. The low teacher-to-student ratio at OYIS allows for individualised student support that meets the needs of each child.

MSP has strong focus developing student’s creative and collaborative skills. The music programme is performance-based and aims for each student to perform in 5 concerts per year. New in 2018 is a drama programme. From 2019, OYIS plans to offer an exciting and challenging digital and product design course. Design thinking allows students to identify a design problem and using problem solving and creative thinking skills to design a product or outcome.

Middle School Programme Community

Arts and Design

OYIS has a strong focus on the performing arts, offering music and drama courses, which allows students to develop their collaborative, creative and leadership skills. The school is also looking into developing a design technology program.

Middle School Programme Science

Community Engagement

A big part of education at OYIS is providing students opportunities to make community connections through independent action and inquiry-based learning. We encourage and foster student initiated and led action – helping students build connections with our school, local and international community, for example, connecting with women’s shelters, organising sports events and youth outreach.

Middle School Programme Music Class

Skills-Based Learning

At OYIS, we focus on developing learning strategies and skills for students to be successful learners. By developing a learner’s toolbox of skills and strategies — from collaboration to research — students can be confident that they are developing the ability to be independent, lifelong learners.

Holistic. Experiential. Creative. Academic. Powerful.

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